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My Theory on the Big Bang and black holes

I always had difficulty with the classical theory of the Big Bang. That the universe is created in a fraction of second, from nothing and at a precise moment is not credible to me. I see a universe that has always been there, because for me, time is compressible and our time references are contextual. Out of our time, there must be something else.

So, I have the impression that the back holes, absorbing matter and energy without giving it back, in our universe, must reject it somewhere in another parallel universe. As matter, energy and space-time are compressed to extreme levels, time and space are completely changed and are permitted to eject in a parallel universe in the form of a Big Bang.

Just like you would try to take all the matter and energy of a black hole and drive it through a pin hole which would get out in another universe in the form of a Big Bang. Nothing is lost, nothing is created, simply transformed and recycled in another universe and recreate it with new parameters. What is added is the creative experience of matter and energy. A form of reincarnation, if we can say so.

Pierre Forget, November 23 2008

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