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Modern Technology For the Maple Industry

With state of the art equipment such as reverse osmosis and vacuum collection, Maple Cabin Enterprises offers you the best quality products available in the marketplace today.

The impeccably clean transformation facility, combined with the beauty of the natural surroundings, will make you want to return year after year.

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Here is a list of our products and services
  • Maple products year round
  • Maple taffy on snow
  • Maple butter
  • Hard sugar blocks
  • Maple candies
  • Baked beans with maple syrup
  • Vinaigrette marinade made with 28% maple syrup
  • Syrup available:
    • Plastic jugs (various formats)
    • Decorative bottles
    • Traditional can 540 ml, individually or by the case of 8 or 24.
    • Commercial quantities 22.7 l, (5 gallons)
    • Industrial quantities 145 l, (32 gallons)
  • Ultra modern transformation facility
  • Reverse osmosis system
  • Vacuum collection system
  • Mini interpretative center
  • Guided tours
  • Schools and groups welcome
  • Gift packaging available on request
  • Hiking and walking trails
  • 150 acres of land

Details of the tubing

The sugar shack
Like all consumable products, maple syrup possesses certain unique characteristics and different degrees of quality. There are several degrees of quality, which are divided into "5" categories having a name and an abbreviated code as follows.
  1. "AA" Extra light Canada # 1
  2. "A" Light Canada # 1
  3. "B" Medium Canada # 1
  4. "C" Amber Canada # 1
  5. "D" Dark Canada # 1

All maple syrup sold for consumption to the public must have the following information attached to the package.
  • Maple syrup (pure or 100% pure)
  • Category as above
  • Name and address of originator or bottling firm
  • Denomination by volume

It is also important to note that regardless of color and category that all maple syrup must have a minimum density of 66 brix.

In general, the lighter the syrup the higher the purity, this is true, however high purity syrup has a lesser degree of maple flavor. If a high degree of maple flavor is desired medium "B" and "C" syrup would be a better choice. For example "B" and "C" grades are used frequently for baking and cooking additives because they have a stronger flavor than "AA" or "A" categorie syrup.

Maple syrup is a 100% pure product; occuring naturally in nature in a more diluted form known as maple sap. The syrup is derived from the maple sap by simple concentration techniques such as evaporation. Over 40 gallons of sap are required to make one gallon of syrup.

Maple syrup contains the following elements:
  • Water (34.54%), Solids (65.46%)
  • Contained solids:
    • Carbo-Hydrates (64.80%)
    • Chlorine (0.010%)
    • Phosphorous (0.013%)
    • Calcium (0.110%)
    • Iron (0.003%)
    • Manganese(0.008%)
    • Potassium (0.100%)
    • Organic acids, etc... (0.410%)

Our preferred products:
Maple Cabin Toss

Is made from canola oil, apple cider vinegar, maple syrup (28%), white wine, ground mustard seed, natural herbs and spices, lemon peel and salt. It's delightful flavor is both tangy and sweet, yet is has a clean crisp taste not always found in a sweet and sour sauce.

As a salad dressing our Toss is used similar to a sweetened vinaigrette, However, the sweetnees is enchanced by a robust maple taste. As a marinade, maple cabin toss is unparalled. The maple syrup in the toss forms a light glaze on any baked, grilled or broiled meat or fish adding flavor and actually sealing in moisture.
Maple Butter

Our delicious maple butter is made on site using only the finest "A" clear grade maple syrup, no other additives or ingredients are used. Maple butter is delicious on toast, dessert and especially ice cream. It is available in 250g easy to open plastic containers.

With very little tools and a bit of determination you too can make maple butter right in your own kitchen in less than 3 hours. Please email us for the instructions.

You can order all of our products directly on the Internet. Please fill in our form with the items and quantities and we will return you all the details of your order, including transport and payment conditions.

Maple Cabin Enterprises Reg'd.
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Sugar Shack:
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